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Re: a few questions about cvs

On Fri, 4 Jul 2003, nigel gray wrote:

> I have downloaded and installed a tar file called min-0.0.4.
> However there are problems with the
> make test command.
> Wth cvs min-0.0.5 is in beta is available.
>  since all the
> neccessary files have been uploaded
> from the cvs site might it be possible
> with bugs fix in the beta version to
> make and make test again. and if so
> are the commands of make and test make
> the same from a cvs repositry.
> thanks
> Nigel


A local checkout of a cvs repository is no different than an extracted
source tarball (except for the "CVS" subdirectories where cvs stores its
administrative information).  IOW, you should be able to just checkout the
source from the repository (using a "cvs -d REPOSITORY checkout MODULE"),
adapt it to your system (either by running "configure", if the project
uses it, or by editing some header, which may not be necessary for a
really portable project), and then run "make" and "make test".
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