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Re: a few questions about cvs

Thankyou for your post Igor.

Yes I think your answer rings true as I have  been advised
to use the cvs as it is more up to date as people  are
contributing all the time and chages are being made
about twice a week.


"Igor Pechtchanski" <> wrote in message">
> On Fri, 4 Jul 2003, nigel gray wrote:
> > I have downloaded and installed a tar file called min-0.0.4.
> > However there are problems with the
> > make test command.
> >
> > Wth cvs min-0.0.5 is in beta is available.
> >  since all the
> > neccessary files have been uploaded
> > from the cvs site might it be possible
> > with bugs fix in the beta version to
> > make and make test again. and if so
> > are the commands of make and test make
> > the same from a cvs repositry.
> >
> > thanks
> > Nigel
> Nigel,
> A local checkout of a cvs repository is no different than an extracted
> source tarball (except for the "CVS" subdirectories where cvs stores its
> administrative information).  IOW, you should be able to just checkout the
> source from the repository (using a "cvs -d REPOSITORY checkout MODULE"),
> adapt it to your system (either by running "configure", if the project
> uses it, or by editing some header, which may not be necessary for a
> really portable project), and then run "make" and "make test".
> Igor
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