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Re: 1.5.0 - gettimeofday() out of sync with Windows time

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 05:53:02PM -0400, Larry Hall wrote:

Chris Church wrote:

I'm using version 1.5.0 of the cygwin1.dll on Windows 2000 Professional. I've also seen the problem described below on earlier versions of cygwin (1.3.22).

I've found that the gettimeofday() and ftime() functions do not always return the correct system time as reported by Windows. The time() function, however, always remains in sync with Windows time. This discrepancy occurs when an application is started, then the Windows system time changes, then the application calls gettimeofday() or ftime() to retrieve the current system time. Both gettimeofday() and ftime() always report the same incorrect time. It also appears that the time as reported by gettimeofday() and ftime() is based on a counter that is initialized to match the system time, but once started, increments at a constant rate regardless of any changes to the Windows time. (I have not yet dug into the source for Cygwin to see how these functions are implemented.) Finally, the time reported by gettimeofday() and ftime(), when used within an application that runs for an extended period of time, will drift from the Windows time.

Is this a known issue with Cygwin, and are there any patches available?

Not yet. But this was mentioned on the developer's list this morning and someone is looking at the problem.

Sorry, no, no one is looking at the problem.  It's been a known problem
since the implementation.

I stand corrected.  Rereading the thread, I see that it simply mentions
this problem relative to another line of investigation.  So dig in! :-)

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