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Re: apache dies with pppoe

I used to have an Instructor that would say PAY ATTENTION and that is what
you need to do

If you acquire a device which handles adjusting Dynamic Addressing and
Routes the incoming (and outgoing)
Port 80 transmissions to the PC which hosts the Web Server (because that
same device just assigned it an IP because it is a DHCP Server) then your
transmission will be successful

der Trottel!

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From: "Bill McCormick" <>
To: "Martin Gainty" <>; "Cygwin" <>
Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 7:11 AM
Subject: RE: apache dies with pppoe

> > Dave
> > get a NAT Server with DHCP Server for your Internal LAN (which handles
> > 'Dynamic Addressing' from ISP) at the DSL interface..Linksys has one for
> > sure.
> > put in an entry into the NAT Table for incoming Port 80 calls to route
> > the Puter with Apache running
> That's not the issue. I've got that far already. If that was the answer to
> my ? then this would definitely be way off-topic.
> Bill
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