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Re: apache dies with pppoe

"Bowden, Todd" wrote:
> Can I ask what your environment looks like?
>         PC <-------> FW/Router  <------> DSL Modem <--------->  Internet
> Maybe that would help us out in figuring out what is going on.
> This doesn't make sense that your apache web server is dying on your PC if
> your PC has a
> fixed IP than your webserver should just run and run.  However if your setup

I'm in agreement here, Apache should not give two shits what your
external IP address is if it's behind a NAT gateway and is bound to an
interface with a non-changing address.  In fact it has no possible way
of knowing what the publicly-visible address is.

If Apache is dying after a certain time then that's obviously a problem,
and I'd suggest checking the error logs and even increasing the
loglevel, but the changing IP address shouldn't have anything to do with
it.  I have found cases myself where Apache stops responding, but I've
not been able to figure it out so I do have some interest in this


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