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Re: Inetd question wrote:

Telnet is working now, rsh is working half-way. Here is what I did:
1) I uninstalled everything.
2) I reinstalled cygwin with default packages. 3) Then I installed inetd package, ran iu-config, mkpasswd,... However, it still didn't work.
4) Then I upgraded login package to the latest 1.9.6 from 1.9.5. 5) Then reinstalled cygwin package again because before the reinstallation of cygwin package, login.exe got "The procedure entry point _getreent could not be located in the dynamic link library cygwin1.dll." error.
5) Changed my UID in /etc/passwd to one less than 65536, otherwise, I got couldn't switch to my account error in telnet login session.
6) Telnet worked.
7) Rsh complianed about no remote directory. Then I changed my home directory from a network mapped drive to local drive in /etc/passwd. 8) Rsh still complained Permission denied. Then I setup /etc/hosts.equiv and rsh worked. But .rhosts is still not working.
My .rhosts file in on a FAT32 file system. In the bash window, I ran ls -l .rhosts, it showed 644. However, when I ran rsh, Windows event log showed bad .rhosts owner. This file is owned by my account. Inetd is starting with local admin account. And I tried to chown SYSTEM .rhosts. It didn't work. I have CYGWIN=ntsec. Maybe it is related to FAT32?

Right. Owners and permissions have no meaning on FAT32 drives really. You can use extended attributes on a FAT drive from NT/W2K/XP if you like a large file in the drive's root and you add 'ntea' to your CYGWIN environment variable. This isn't an alternative for FAT32 drives however.

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