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Re: Licensing for academic computer labs at a university (and setup.exesuggestions)

Bill C. Riemers wrote:

Actually, if the are university computers, then only university needs to
have access to the source.  The GPL only requires that if you are distribute
the binaries, that you also distribute the source.  It says nothing about
providing source for your own computers.  That is true for both an
individual and an institution.  However, if students are allowed to copy the
Cygwin distribution off the computers then they need to have access to the
source.  A single network shared directory would be sufficient for normal
sized computer lab, since few of the students would want to download a more
than one or two source packages.

Are you saying that it's possible to put a "readme" notice somewhere on the workstation that tells students if they want the source code to any or all Cygwin packages, just "go see this person" or "go to this URL (internal to the university of course)" or something equivalent?

"...copying the Cygwin distribution off the computers..."
I'm not sure what is implied by "distribution" in this case. Is the source required by virtue of keeping the _binary installer_ on the machine? Or... if a student can copy any single Cygwin binary tool (such as grep.exe), I must provide the source (in some way) for that tool?


BTW, I have a couple suggestions for the people working on the Cygwin installer--setup.exe:

First, can the window where you select packages be changed so that you can resize or maximize it? I'm going scrollbar-crazy trying looking at all the package descriptions from this little window. ;)

Second, can you change the cursor to the "busy" cursor when setup is really busy? For example, when I click on Default next to the Devel category to change it to Install (all packages), the CPU resources go to 100% while setup is busy reconfiguring the install package list. At first, I didn't know what was going on and would terminate setup because I thought it had frozen up. ;)


Oh. Can MySQL run emulated under Cygwin? I might like to provide this contained all inside of Cygwin--especially for CS students. If I were to install MySQL as a regular Windows application, does anyone have any recommendations on starting/stopping/configuring the MySQL server... escpecially when students login as Limited user accounts? I believe as long as students have full access to the necessary MySQL database/table directories and config files, they shouldn't have any problems?

thanks again.

Scott Copus
Student Technology
Laboratory Systems Specialist
Western Kentucky University

BTW.  A base CYGWIN distribution is only about 15 MB's.  Source is another
18 MB's.  So the whole thing can fit on one of the mini-CDROM disks with a
huge amount of space to spare.  If you pick and choose which packages you
want, you can easily fit all the binaries and source on a single cd.
If you want a full distribution, then use one CDROM for source and one for


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