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Re: SSH connection close when _any_ user logs out of W2K

At 05:23 PM 9/30/2003, Matthew Hilty you wrote:
>        I've noticed on a recent installation of OpenSSH under cygwin
>(followed that users
>connected to the server via SSH have their connections closed if any
>Windows user logs out of the desktop. The SSHD daemon still functions,
>it just closes active sessions.  After this, I can SSH back to the
>server and my session stays active until I intentionally log out, or
>another Windows users logs in, then out.  Any insights or references
>would be wonderful; I've been combing mailing lists and usenet and can't
>find a similar description.

If you followed installation instructions for OpenSSH from another site,
then you should direct your questions about problems with OpenSSH to that
site. is not and this list, as a result,
can't support information for it.  My best recommendation, if you'd like
someone on this list to entertain the notion of investigating your problem,
is to uninstall and reinstall OpenSSH via setup and then to configure it 
as /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh-*.README suggests.  If you still see the
same problem, you'll want to visit <> first
and then follow-up with this list providing the information requested 
there.  FWIW, I just tried a quick test here and I don't see the situation
you described.  I can't say that this is significant.  Only that I can't
reproduce the problem with the information given and my Cygwin-supported
install. ;-)

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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