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Accessibility issues


I am a blind computer user, and like many other bvlind people really would
like to use Cygwin.  However the package selection part of the setup.exe
program is not accessible with screen reading programs.  The problem is that
it uses some kind of custom control which you can't navigate with the

To give an example of what kind of things would make it accessible:

1.  In Windows 98 the add/remove windows components dialogue is arranged
such that there is a list of categories (Accessories, Internet tools, etc).
Each of these is a 3-state check box.  So likewise in cygwin you could have
a listview containing 3-state check boxes for base, admin etc.  If checked
everything in that category would be installed, and if not checked then
nothing in that category would be installed.  Like the Windows components
dialogue there could be a details... button which would allow you to select
the individual packages in that category, and thus the check box on the main
menu would be partially checked.

Another approach would be to do what many install programs now do, and give
a tree view of components, with each item in the tree view being checked or
unchecked.  Checking an item would make everything in lower levels be

These are just suggestions of things that could work with screen readers.
Alternatively the current dialogue box could be worked on to make it more
accessible, but I am not sure how this could be done without knowing what it
looks like and how it was created.

Look forward to hearing any feedback on this.


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