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Re: MS offers "Services For Unix" free of charge

The 3.0 version went up for the cost of the CD a few months ago so I ordered
a copy -- was a disk hog, so eventually removed it. But few things:

It always has to have the "interix" subsystem proces running to do anything.

In typical MS fashion, it setup and started demons for all services -- not exactly
configured for security. It didn't have ssh but did have rsh/rlogin.

It ran about 5% slower on a large file i/o bound 'find' command. Sorta
odd since it was file i/o bound.... Definitely won't give people a good taste for
linux/unix as far as speed goes. Also, they include ksh and not
vim, just vi....bunch a weirdo's!

But running on a 'too old" laptop with not quite enough memory as it is
and a bit tight on disk space, I decided to take it off until I could at least get
a larger hard disk partition on a faster HD for my win stuff .

They don't seem to differentiate between unix and windows processes,
so their kill, ps, and /proc systems all function tranparently with the existing
windows processes.

I went back to try the find the link I ordered it from, but couldn't find the
'free' link, so never bothered to post on it's nice that 3.5 is free, but
for existing win customers, it'll likely be not much more than a curiosity due to
the speed slowdown. Was neat to see crond, initd, running as
windows system processes....:-)


-- In the marketplace of "Real goods", capitalism is limited by safety regulations, consumer protection laws, and product liability. In the computer industry, what protects the consumer?

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