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Re: Cygwin without Win32

At 03:37 PM 1/19/2004, Dax Kelson you wrote:
>The newly released Microsoft Services For Unix (SFU v3.5) includes a new
>"highly tuned" POSIX subsystem. MS says that UNIX apps using the POSIX
>subsystem are within 10% performance of Windows apps using the Win32
>subsystem. The security models also work together so that chmod/chown/su
>and friends all work properly. It would be nice to see an implementation
>of setfacl and getfacl.
>Would there be any benefit to porting Cygwin to sit directly on top the
>POSIX subsystem instead of going through the Win32 subsystem?
>kernel <-> POSIX <-> cygwin (bash, et al)
>instead of
>kernel <-> WIN32 <-> cygwin.dll <-> cygwin (bash, et al)
>Just curious.

Not if one wants to be able to write programs that use Win32 functionality
and Windows < NT. 

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