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Re: 'entrypoint __getreent missing' problem in the binary distribution files for Windows ! How to proceed, how to report the bug ?

At 11:46 AM 1/23/2004, Rolf Hemmerling you wrote:
>Hello !
>'entrypoint __getreent missing' problem in the binary distribution files
>for Windows ! How to proceed, how to report the bug to the authors &
>builders of the binary distribution, so that WORKING packages are
>offered for download, in the future ? ?

Actually, things work fine if they are installed correctly.

>*** From my point of view, this bug exists "since months" and nobody
>cares of it. This is absolutely horror and might cause a very-bad
>reputation of open-source & freeware, as the binary distribution is a
>"must" for rookie users. ****

The problem is installation specific and not systemic.  The solution is 
to find the local conflict and resolve it.  I've found nothing that would
substantiate your view of this "bug" in the distribution or that "nobody 
cares about it".

>I installed parts of the ***binary*** distribution of the Cygwin stuff,
>with W2k,SP4.

And how did you do that?

>Some of the binary compiled tools, like G++
>(release/gcc/gcc-g++/gcc-g++-3.3.1-3.tar.bz2 ), when called in a DOS
>box, refuse to work and abort with a special message in an extra window
>( of Windows)
>(german language on W2k)
>'Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt "__getreent" wurde in der DLL "Cygwin1.dll"
>nicht gefunden'.
>'Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt "libintl_bindtextedomain" wurde in der DLL
>"Cygmtl-2.dll" nicht gefunden'.
>'The entrypoint "__getreent" is missing in the DLL "Cygwin1.DLL"'.
>'The entrypoint "libintl_bindtextedomain" is missing in the DLL
>Same with the standard installation process with setup.exe: it fails,
>with similar messages.

Visit <> then and follow the instructions
provided there.  There's some basic information we need to understand 
your installation before anyone here can help you diagnose your problem.
I should also clarify that this list can only really "support" installations
of Cygwin that are current (well, for the moment, at least to the level 
of version 1.5.5 for the Cygwin package) and that use setup.exe to install 

>The ** entrypoint __getreent is missing  ** problem was discussed both
>in this mailing list, and other mailing lists. Mostly it was by people
>who did NOT run this binary distribution, but who were faced with the
>bug when they compiled their own projects. Before compiling a project
>(with windows), I need a working binard distribution !
>Maybe the solution was a simple wrong -D definition when the binary
>distribution was created ? Read this posting !
>"The compile option "-D__linux__" is the cause.
>There are some header files which use __linux__ in them.
>But cygwin environment (that corresponds to __CYGWIN__) somewhat differs
>from __linux__ one.  So using '__linux__' in cygwin has some bad effect
>on those header files, I suppose."

No, that's a build environment issue.  It's related (by the message) but
not the same thing at all.

>Any suggestions, besides to recompile the whole stuff by myself ( too
>much work for me, especially as I am shure that I must know special
>tricks to (cross-) compile the whole stuff on Linux :-(. )

Seems to me that you've done some reading but apparently missed or 
dismissed relevant postings on this matter.  For example, the thread
starting here:


There are others as well.  Your best bet is to report the problems 
you're having following the guidelines of <>
if you are installing with setup, can't get things to work, and the 
previous advice isn't working for you.

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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