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Re: 'entrypoint __getreent missing' problem in the binary distribution files for Windows ! How to proceed, how to report the bug ?

At a guess, either you didn't upgrade your "cygwin" package, or some
Cygwin process was running while you upgraded.  Had you attached the
output of "cygcheck -svr" to your message (as indicated in
<>), this would have been apparent.
Please check that your current Cygwin version is 1.5.5 or 1.5.6 (using
"uname -a" and/or "cygcheck -cd cygwin").  If it isn't, upgrade the
"cygwin" package (make sure to stop all running Cygwin processes,
including services, while you upgrade).  If it is 1.5.5 or later, simply
reboot to allow the replace-on-reboot feature of setup.exe to kick in.

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Rolf Hemmerling wrote:

> Hello !
> 'entrypoint __getreent missing' problem in the binary distribution files
> for Windows ! How to proceed, how to report the bug to the authors &
> builders of the binary distribution, so that WORKING packages are
> offered for download, in the future ? ?
> *** From my point of view, this bug exists "since months" and nobody
> cares of it. This is absolutely horror and might cause a very-bad
> reputation of open-source & freeware, as the binary distribution is a
> "must" for rookie users. ****
> I installed parts of the ***binary*** distribution of the Cygwin stuff,
> with W2k,SP4.
> Some of the binary compiled tools, like G++
> (release/gcc/gcc-g++/gcc-g++-3.3.1-3.tar.bz2 ), when called in a DOS
> box, refuse to work and abort with a special message in an extra window
> ( of Windows)
> (german language on W2k)
> 'Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt "__getreent" wurde in der DLL "Cygwin1.dll"
> nicht gefunden'.
> 'Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt "libintl_bindtextedomain" wurde in der DLL
> "Cygmtl-2.dll" nicht gefunden'.
> (translation)
> 'The entrypoint "__getreent" is missing in the DLL "Cygwin1.DLL"'.
> 'The entrypoint "libintl_bindtextedomain" is missing in the DLL
> "Cygmtl-2.dll"'.
> Same with the standard installation process with setup.exe: it fails,
> with similar messages.
> The ** entrypoint __getreent is missing  ** problem was discussed both
> in this mailing list, and other mailing lists. Mostly it was by people
> who did NOT run this binary distribution, but who were faced with the
> bug when they compiled their own projects. Before compiling a project
> (with windows), I need a working binard distribution !
> Maybe the solution was a simple wrong -D definition when the binary
> distribution was created ? Read this posting !
> "The compile option "-D__linux__" is the cause.
> There are some header files which use __linux__ in them.
> But cygwin environment (that corresponds to __CYGWIN__) somewhat differs
> from __linux__ one.  So using '__linux__' in cygwin has some bad effect
> on those header files, I suppose."
> Any suggestions, besides to recompile the whole stuff by myself ( too
> much work for me, especially as I am shure that I must know special
> tricks to (cross-) compile the whole stuff on Linux :-(. )
> Sincerely
> Rolf

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