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Re: cygthread::detach: WFSO sigwait 0x7B4 failed w/ 1.5.6-1 & cygwin1-20040123.dll.bz2

On Fri, Jan 23, 2004 at 09:17:17AM -0800, Bill Priest wrote:
>I noticed that I get the subject message from within emacs when I
>invoke the shell.  I can't get it to happen from within a console (ie
>invoking bash or tcsh) from cygwin.bat; it only happens w/ rxvt (in X
>or native mode).
>My cygwin.bat is as follows:
>echo off
>SET TERM=cygwin
>SET CYGWIN=binmode;tty;ntsec
>SET HOME=/home/bpriest
>c:\cygwin\bin\rxvt -geometry 80x52 -cr green -pr olive
>-sl 9999 -fn "Courier-14" -bg MidnightBlue -fg Wheat
>-e tcsh
>my SHELL variable is not set
>I invoke emacs as follows:
>emacs -nw -q
>For those that don't do emacs this is no window mode
>and don't read the .emacs file.
>Then I do ALT-x shell <CR>
>I get the $ prompt (which indicates sh is being used)
>Here is what shows up in the emacs window
>$ echo $SHELL
>$ ls
>$       7 [main] sh 3856 cygthread::detach: WFSO
>sigwait 0x7B4 failed, res 4294\
>967295, Win32 error 6
>Process shell finished
>If I setenv SHELL to bash or tcsh the problem doesn't
>I googled and found some Feb 2003 problems w/ this
>error message; but didn't think it would be relevant.
>Attached is the output of cygcheck -svr.
>I have only tried it on one machine that is
>a P4 Windows XP w/ all service packs and updates
>(except for .net; which I never install).
>PS.  Since I can work around this by setting the
>SHELL variable its not a show stopper.

I can duplicate this!  I can duplicate this!  Sob.  I'm so happy.

I'll fix this ASAP.


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