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Re: Probably stupid question about line termination

At 01:00 PM 1/26/2004, Benson Margulies you wrote:
>However we set up the text mode with mount, files referenced with drive
>letters are being read with DOS line termination. Is there a way to
>control this?

I'm not sure the first part of your statement makes sense with the last
part.  The implication is that you're looking for UNIX-style line endings
for "files referenced with drive letters" but you state that you "set up the 
text mode with mount", which implies that you want DOS-style line endings.
Cygwin treats all paths using DOS drive syntax as DOS format files, using 
DOS line endings.  You can use the Cygwin 'mount' command to mount a DOS
path as a Cygwin POSIX path and to treat files in this subtree as UNIX-style
files (using the '-b' flag to 'mount - see 'man mount').  But of course, 
this means you have to use the POSIX path to get this behavior.  Otherwise, 
you can use 'd2u' to convert the file(s) in question.

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