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For All Bankcard Reps and Agents

Dear Agent,

We are sending this email to you because you came up as someone that might be interested
in what we have to say.

Does your business require Electronic Check Transactions or ACH processing capabilities?
Have you explored the idea or do you currently offer an ACH system to your merchants
or customers? If you answered yes to either one of these than do we have an offer for

Our company has developed a highly proprietary special Electronic Check Processing
(ACH system) that will change the way you look at ACH. This unqiue system allows you

-Set-up new merchants online in Real Time (No apps)
(You assign the username and password)
-Monitor merchant approvals in Real Time
-Monitor residual payments in real time as
 your merchants process and as your merchants are approved
-Share in over 6 different residual streams including annual fees..
-Set % per transaction pricing and keep 100% over the pricing.
-Offer one of the worlds first completely web based and most
 sophisticated web based merchant transaction processing systems
 that will allow your merchants to:

-Process credits to any checking account
-Process debits to any checking account
-Do recurring billing
-Batch uploads for a large amount of transactions
-Run their own complete reports on just about everything
 including: Returns, settlements, credits, debits
 and more.
-Monitor their own risk for potential fraud transactions.

And they can do this from any web browser anywhere in the world!

This is the first ACH product in existence that gives YOU the control and 
flexibility to set-up and monitor your merchants in Real Time. We will provide you
with a PROCESSOR BRANCH CONSOLE that keeps you in full control of everything you do
including watching your residuals grow as your merchants are approved and begin

No paperwork, No hassles, No headaches

Simply put, We have taken ACH to a new level!

If you are truly looking for a better way to offer your customers
ACH services you have GOT to check this program out. Please Visit:


Or feel free to call us at 1.888.366.0332 x475

If you have received this email in error please reply to this email with "remove"
in the subject line

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