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Re: cp, install, and the .exe extension

On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, Larry Hall wrote:
[on changing the error message when cp can stat but not open a file
 due to .exe handling]
> How about a patch instead of a request? ;-)

Okay, attached.  I've also attached a textutils patch to enact my earlier
request that "cat > foo" create foo in the whatever mode Cygwin would
usually want, rather than always using text mode.

> OK, I'm just kiddin' you. ;-)  Think about a 'cp' that transparently handles
> '.exe' and a directory with 'foo' and 'foo.exe'.  You need to be able to
> copy both.  'install' is a special purpose utility.  Many projects that
> use it to install don't consider that executables may require extensions on
> other platforms.  So they're written to just install 'foo'.  That causes
> install failures.  It makes sense to "relax" the rules here, since it
> helps more than it hurts.  The reverse is true for 'cp' and other general
> purpose utilities.

As for being *able* to copy both foo and foo.exe, the special .exe
handling only occurs when *only* foo.exe exists.  So you certainly can
copy both.  As for install failures, I first started thinking about cp's
behavior due to a Makefile using cp rather than install.

That said, I do suppose the danger is less this way.

Hey, it might be interesting for managed mounts *really* to identify the
filenames "foo" and "foo.exe".  (Maybe they already do?)


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