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RE: Missing /include/sys/stropts.h?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Shawn Legrand
> Sent: 12 March 2004 16:08

> Should the file stropts.h exist on CygWin? 

  You already answered that one yourself:

>  I checked and there is no such file there or in 
> any directory off of root or in the CVS source tree.

  Anyway, you also asked:

> If not - could I 
> copy it from a Unix system (such as a MAC BSD (OS X)) and put 
> it in CygWin?

  That kind of game almost never works.  Sure, the initial compilation will
succeed, or at least it won't error out with a missing file, but since
whatever library functions or OS features the header file describes don't
actually exist on your system, it isn't going to help any: it'll probably
all fall apart at the final link stage.

  BTW and FYI, here's the generic recipe for figuring out the answer to
these sorts of question:

  stropts.h (a moment's googling shows me) is related to POSIX streams

  By searching for the keyword streams in the Posix spec at I found a few of
the functions involved were fattach, fdetach, putmsg, putpmsg.

  By searching in the cygwin api reference at I couldn't find any of those

  So my deduction is that the POSIX streams functionality isn't implemented
by cygwin and therefore it's no surprise the header isn't there.  

  This also means that the program you are trying to compile depends on OS
functionality that cygwin doesn't provide, and so porting it to cygwin will
never be a simple configure'n'make.

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