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Phil Crescioli wrote:
> [...]  For now I'm just curious. I have other pressing Cygwin
> things to dive into before the gvim thing, but when the time
> is right, I will gladly contribute to the gvim deal since I
> am a very content Cygwin user :)  

It's been a while since I've done it, but gvim used to
build pretty well out of the box for Cygwin. The catch
(at least it was a catch at the time) was that it was
the X11 version. For a while I maintained five flavors
of VIM executables: Cygwin's official VIM, an X11 GVIM
(really just a link), an X11-aware VIM, a Windows VIM,
and a Windows GVIM. Today I use the Windows version of
GVIM and the official Cygwin non-GUI version of VIM.

However, since I last built gvim for Cygwin, the Win32
"native" X11 window manager has been added to Cygwin,
and handling for paths from outside of Cygwin has been
improved (e.g., "\cygwin\bin\vim \autoexec.bat" from a
Command Prompt). So it might be worth reinvestigating.

But perhaps what you really want isn't the X11 version
at all, but a Cygwin version with a Windows interface.
This might be preferable to reduce the interdepencies
that otherwise could arise, since gvim is normally just
the equivalent of "vim -g" (i.e., Would regular Cygwin
VIM have to become X-aware? Would there be two separate
programs called "vim"? etc.).

Just some food for the curious. :-)


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