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FTP progremming in C++

Dear All,

I am just wondering if there is any C++ library for dealing with the
FTP servers and general for programming internet applications. I have
tryied to find something on the internet, but I could not. I have a
code written under Visual C++ 6 and want to compile it under Borland
or even G++ (a free compiler under UNIX). The code uses functions
defined in wininet.h and the library wininet.lib. There is similar
file wininet.h under G++ and Borland, defining the same classes and
member functions. However, when I try to link the objects with the
above library I get linkage error.

Perhaps there is another way to program FTP servers. I want to write a
program which takes a file from FTP, check for the olders files, etc.

Thank you very much for help,



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