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Re: 1.5.10 release?

"E. Weddington" wrote:
> Just wondering, is there a tentative release schedule for cygwin 1.5.10? Say, 
> sometime within the next week?

Who cares about 1.5.10?  Wait for 1.5.11.  I've been watching this project for a long 
time and I can tell you with absolute certainty that even numbered releases will suck. 
They've got this reverse StarTrek thing going on here going back at least to B17.   
B18 was horrible.  B19 was good, and B20 stank until B20.1 came out.  1.3.21 was 
especially great, moreso because of 3 also being a factor of 21.  3 representing the 
trinity and multiplied by 7, an obviously angelic number.  I myself have recently skipped 
from 1.5.5 to 1.5.7 and now I'm at 1.5.9, laughing at those running 1.5.6 flooding the 
mail list here with reports of daemons and ghosts loose in their machine.  I'll probably go 
with 1.5.11 and then wait for 1.5.15,  as 1.5.13 gives me a very uneasy feeling and I 
don't wish to press my luck.  I can predict with a fair degree of confidence that 1.5.15 
and 1.5.35 would be great releases.  Unfortunately they might roll out a 1.6 series 
which I find troubling, so I'd recommend just jumping to a 1.7 series.  I'm not sure 
why nobody has reported this phenomenon before.  The maintainers, now aware of 
this, might just wish to do odd numbered releases in the future, and skipping any
release which contains a six or multiple of 6. :-)

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