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Re: How can I list all the software that have been insatlled to cygwin?

On Sat, 2004-03-27 at 01:12, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> Since we're throwing wild ideas into the air, how about this one: once
> libsetup is available (the extract of setup's essential functionality
> minus the GUI), one could come up with a "register-program-with-setup"
> command-line utility that could be called from the "make install" rule.
> Of course, this would require the modification of the original sources,
> and is completely alien to the way Linux does things, but it could be
> borderline useful for some select applications (e.g., Cygwin projects
> distributed separately, like KDE or CyGnome).
> I suspect setup's functionality might need to be modified to also invoke a
> specified uninstall program, although preremove scripts *could*
> concievably be used for this (but *very* carefully, since they're run at a
> brittle point in the uninstall process).  Alternatively, the preremove
> functionality could be revamped to run preremove scripts in reverse
> dependency order before actually removing any files (this one's just for
> the archives).
> 	Igor

This is pointless. Look into stow and similar if folk want a

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