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Re: Postgres Backend doesn't catch the next command, after SIGUSR2

On Mar 30 01:03, Patrick Samson wrote:
> >From msdn:
> "All I/O operations that are canceled will complete
> with the error ERROR_OPERATION_ABORTED. All completion
> notifications for the I/O operations will occur
> normally."

Urgh, I mised that.

> What's your feeling about:
> if (!CancelIo ((HANDLE) socket))
>   {...}
> else
>   {
>    if (WSAGetOverlappedResult (socket, &ovr, &len,
>  FALSE, flags) && len != 0)
>     ret = (int) len;
>    else WSASetLastError (WSAEINTR);

Did you try it?  Yesterday I changed Cygwin to use asynchronous I/O
instead of overlapped I/O so it now can do without CancelIo.
However, two people reported hangs which don't occur for me.  If
if takes too long to track down, I guess I'll revert to overlapped
I/O plus your patch.  But I would be more happy with a working
async I/O solution.


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