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how to set up a "mounter" service? (network drives disconnecting)

We've set up a cygrunsrv "mounter" service that maps network drives to
Samba shares. We needed to do this to implement other cygrunsrv services
that run from scripts sitting on these shares. The main problem is that
throughout the day, connectivity to these shares is lost, and when I try
to access these shares from Explorer, I'll see the following error

        [DRIVE]:\ is not accessible.
        The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be
        logged on to.

I'll check the account on the PDC only to find that it isn't locked.

After a while, the maps will reconnect/reestablish/refresh/whatever.

Any one else seen this behavior?

Also, this might be related, but Explorer alwas identifies these mounted
drives as "network drive" instead of "<share> on 'server'". FYI, we have
the "mounter" service Login account set to the same domain account that
we've set up for autologin.


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