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Re: cygwin... from Turkey

Hi, Sinan,

Please don't send personal mail with Cygwin questions unless specifically
requested.  All Cygwin-related queries should go to an appropriate Cygwin
mailing list (see <>).  The lists can also be
accessed as newsgroups via <> (see the "Unofficial
newsgroup" link on the Cygwin homepage).  That way not only do you get
access to the combined expertise of the community, which is more than any
one person can provide, but your query and the answers also get into the
archives, where they could be later found by others with the same problem.

For your convenience, I'm directing this reply to the main Cygwin mailing
list, and setting the Reply-To: field accordingly.  Please send any
follow-up messages to the mailing list.

More replies inline below.

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Sinan Yalcin wrote:

> hello.. I took your mail address from I am a graduate
> student at Sabanci University, Turkey..
> I want to ask a question to you about cygwin package installation.. I
> will be glad if you can answer...
> During installation, I chose all packages(full) installation. But,  4
> packages  were absent at the intranet server
> of our  university: these were...
> libdb2 ............  The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library v2 - runtime
> libdb2-devel ... The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library v2 - devel
> libdb3.1..........  The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library v3.1 - runtime
> libdb3.1-devel..The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library v3.1 - devel
> libltdl3 Libtool's dynamic loader (runtime)
> So, I unchecked only above packages from full installation and completed
> the installation successfully...
> I want to ask you what those unchecked packages are, and whether any
> problems their absence cause
> or not..
> Thank you very much...

As far as I know, Berkeley DB is required by some other packages, e.g.,
cvs.  Explicitly unchecking them will mean that you essentially override
the dependencies from other packages, and those packages will probably not
work.  If your server doesn't have them, then it's a broken mirror, and
you would be well advised to select another one.

Also, for the future, the best way to report the state of your Cygwin
installation is by attaching (as an uncompressed text attachment, not
inline) the output of "cygcheck -svr", as requested in the Cygwin problem
reporting guidelines at <> (a good read in
any case).

> Also I want to mention that, I faced with g++3 iostream (cout, main(),
> etc...) problem, and solved by your
> existing mail ("using namespace std;").. I want to ask that: is this
> solution must for all .cpp files for g++3, and
> do I face with any more problems about g++3? which version of g++ does
> not have such problems?
> and what is the latest version of g++?

To find out which packages are available in Cygwin, see the Cygwin package
list/search page at <>.  The "using namespace
std;" approach is just one of the possible fixes (another would be to
prefix all occurrences of "cout" and others by "std::"), and it will be
necessary everywhere due to the more stringent syntax of g++-3.*.

> Thanks a lot for your help...

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Sinan Yalcin wrote:

> Pardon.. I forgat to say that:
> By full installation of cygwin, my download folder is 250MB, and
> installed folder is 870MB...
> Isn't it too much?  Is there too much unnecessary applications?
> I have seen 170MB installed folder..
> Thank you...
> With my best regards....

I suggest looking at the package descriptions to find out which ones you
do and don't need.  It's generally advised to install at least the "Base"
category (which is selected by default in new installations) and then
select individual packages that you feel you will need.  Setup should
automatically select other packages that the ones you selected depend on,
but it doesn't check these dependencies once the selection is made, so
don't unselect anything once you've selected it (or start over if you feel
you've made a mistake).  See also <>.

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