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Re: german characters

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Markus R. wrote:

> Hi together,
> I have read many articles in the newsgroup and studied the FAQ on the
> cygwin homepage to enable german characters in the bash. But I didn't
> find a solution.
> I have a fresh cygwin install on my system. I have created a '.inputrc'
> in my home directory with the following entries:
> set meta-flag on
> set convert-meta off
> set output-meta on

How about also adding "set input-meta on"?  Also, do you see '\366' from
*bash*, or *ls*?  If it's "ls", alias "ls" to "ls --show-control-chars".
I'd also suggest aliasing "less" to "less -R"...

> the file permissions are read, write and execute for everybody (only
> for test purpose). Now when I open my bash I get '\366' for an 'o'
> and '\344' for an 'a' and so on. When I type 'cat' then I can enter
> german character 'o' 'a' and so on.
> When I delete the .inputrc file then I can't see nothing when I type
> a german character like 'o','a' and so on. This seems for me that the
> .inputrc file is read by a bash execute.
> Any ideas?? It's really confusing
> Kind regards
> Markus

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