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Re: Questions on cygwin filemode in WindowsXP

XP Home hides the permissions and doesn't provide a GUI tool for manipulating
them.  If you search the web, you can find folks that claim they have been
successful at restoring the XP Pro Security tab to the GUI by playing some
games with service packs from NT4.  But that's a different matter.


At 11:12 AM 4/1/2004, you wrote:
>Thanks David for the help.
>The getfacl/setfacl command works fine.
>And the setting change in xmeacs also works.
>I'm using WindowsXP @Home, it does not seem to have anything available for
>file permissions from Windows itself, does anybody know how to do it ?
>----- Original Message ----- 
>From: "David Rothenberger" <>
>To: "Yufeng Xiong" <>
>Cc: <>
>Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2004 10:15 AM
>Subject: Re: Questions on cygwin filemode in WindowsXP
>> Yufeng Xiong wrote:
>> >1. What is the '+' in the file mode? I know it has something to do with
>> >permission, after
>> >the editing, my web server/PHP does not have permission to open test.php
>> >anymore
>> >
>> I believe the "+" indicates that there are some Windows permissions that
>> do not map to the Unix-style user/group/other.  For example, if I create
>> a new file using cygwin (say, with touch), and then open the file's
>> properties with Windows and explicitly add permission for another user
>> to modify the file, I see the "+".
>> >2. How do I set the '+' in mode manually? I used 'fstat' on the two files
>> >and it shows the exact
>> >same mode (o100700).
>> >
>> Well, you can copy all the file attributes from one file (sourceFile) to
>> another (destFile) with a command like this:
>> % getfacl - sourceFile | setfacl -f- destFile
>> >3. Why xemacs changed the file mode? Could it be because of different
>> >system?
>> >
>> Do "M-x customize-apropros" on "backup-by-copying".  The default
>> behavior is to move the old file to the backup file and then create a
>> new file.  If you set this option on (non-nil), the backup copy will be
>> made as a copy and the original file will be modified.  This will
>> preserve the extra file permissions on the original file (although the
>> backup copy won't have them).
>> HTH,
>> Dave
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