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RE: german characters

note: "german characters" -> "international characters"

> From: Markus R.

> I have read many articles in the newsgroup and studied the FAQ on the
> cygwin homepage to enable german characters in the bash. But I didn't
> find a solution.

 I hope you realize that as this is a bash specific Q it really is off topic
here ;-)

> I have a fresh cygwin install on my system. I have created a '.inputrc'
> in my home directory with the following entries:
> set meta-flag on
> set convert-meta off
> set output-meta on
> the file permissions are read, write and execute for everybody (only
> for test purpose). Now when I open my bash I get '\366' for an 'ö'
> and '\344' for an 'ä' and so on. When I type 'cat' then I can enter
> german character 'ö' 'ä' and so on.

 I assume you mean this happens when you run "ls", isn't that so?
Make sure you pass the --show-control-chars switch to ls and you'll end up
seeing the special characters just fine.
eg: Include the following in ~/.profile, ~/.bashrc or some such file.

ls ()
    command ls --show-control-chars --color --classify --no-group -k $@

read more:
$ man bash

(i.e. read bash manpage, search for a line containing 'functions' as the
first word)

> When I delete the .inputrc file then I can't see nothing when I type
> a german character like 'ö','ä' and so on. This seems for me that the
> .inputrc file is read by a bash execute.

$ man readline

This goes for all software that actually uses this library; e.g. emacs
doesn't, and has to be tweaked in another way. [put things in ~/.emacs] I'm
not an emacs user.

> Any ideas?? It's really confusing

 Do expect to get more confused... ;-)
I and others have posted on this subject earlier, have a go and do some
googling. I'm quite sure you will find some stuff to investigate.

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE - 59+16.37'N, 17+12.60'E

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