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Re: [Q] Use of UTF-8 in cygwin bash shell scripts

* Arifi Koseoglu (2004-04-02 23:23 +0100)
> I have a question regarding the use of UTF-8 in a cygwin-bash shell
> script under windows XP and 2000 (does the behavior differ between
> 2000 and XP ?). 
> I have a bash script automatically generated with a Perl program,
> which is supposed to copy files from one disk to another and at the
> same time replace all international characters in the filename and
> path with english counterparts (for example c with cedilla becomes
> c). 
> The lines in the shell script are all of the form: 
> cp "source path with international chars in it" "target with no
> international chars" 
> The shell script is generated/saved in UTF-8 encoding. (since it
> has to properly contain the international chars). By the way, with
> international I mean the additional characters in the Turkish
> alphabet - but the same question should apply to all non-english
> alphabets. 
> Now, I cannot get the script to work. I can 'ls' the files using 
> $ ls "source path with international chars in it" 
> the listing displays the Turkish characters properly, however
> whenever I go ahead to execute the script, bash complains that
> "source path with international chars in it" cannot be found. 
> What am I missing? Does bash not support scripts encoded in UTF-8?

*You* should know that otherwise trying to execute scripts is a waste
of time. Ask Google as this is not Cygwin related. 

> Should I use another Unicode encoding (and how?)

You might do that after you have investigated if bash supports it.

> Or shoud I trash this method and try something else (what?).

Use the ISO charset of your language.

> There are thousands of files to be renamed. 

By using a shell (bash) script this should be a trivial task.


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