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Re: zsh and line breaks

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Peter A. Castro wrote:

> On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> Warning: this is long!!

Well, this time it's short!! :)

> > "Peter A. Castro" wrote:
> > > > It is easy for us to add `#ifdef __CYGWIN__' around changes or #define
> > > > O_TEXT to zero on other systems so if you do correct the problem,
> > > > please send the changes back to us.
> > >
> > > There are about 43 open() calls which I've updated with the O_TEXT
> > > option.  Having all those ifdef's seemed rather ugly (makes the code hard
> > > to look at, expectially when they are within a few lines of each other)
> > > so I took a more "elegent" approach, though you may want to revise it if
> > > it doesn't meet your style requirements :)
> >
> > I can believe that adding ifdef's to all is ugly. That's what I meant
> > by "#define O_TEXT to zero on other systems" - just one thought on a
> > possible more "elegant" approach.

Ok, forget about adding O_TEXT to the open() calls.  It's not necessary.
Thanks to Corinna from the Cygwin list, I have a better solution.  It's
very Cygwin specific, but very inobtrusive to the mainline code which is
something I really like about this fix.  I've tested it using both
binmode and textmode mounted filesystems and it passes the Test suite
with flying colors!

So, now I need a ruling on just where to put this fix.  Due to how the
fix works, it can't be placed in DLL code.  It must be linked into the
main exe.  Now, I know that main.c is basically just a platform wrapper
for calling zsh_main().  My question is, to the zsh developers, would it
be acceptable to put code into main.c or should I persue adding a
seperate source file which will have to be part of MAIN_OBJS.  I know
I'll have to hack zsh.mdd to add it as a dependency and get the various
prototype files created correctly, but I'm willing to do that.  But, do I
really need to make it a separate source file or can I add it to main?
The fix consists of a special Cygwin function which is coded and linked
into the main.  The function, itself, is very small and basically is a
hook in Cygwin to allow various internal variables to be set before the
program main gets control.  My version sets textmode related things for
file I/O.  So, again, this is a style/placement question.  Put it in
main.c or make it a separate source file (which will only be used by the
Cygwin port or possible can be a place for other ports to put such code)?

> Thanks for listening.  Any suggestions are welcome.
> > Oliver

Peter A. Castro <> or <>
	"Cats are just autistic Dogs" -- Dr. Tony Attwood

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