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Re: Will using cygwin help with back-linking?

Jay West wrote:

Larry wrote...

Did you see this?


No I didn't, but thanks! Actually, no, it doesn't answer my question. It does ask the precursor to my question, which is how to create a dlopenable module. I'm well aware of how to do that on unix, using exactly the commands he listed (main executable with --export-dynamic, module with -fpic and ld -shareable -dynamic). He is generally asking how to do that with cygwin, but there's no discussion of exactly what with, and if, backlinking is supported on a cygwin-ized windows machine.

I will gladly do the legwork of figuring out the specifics of how to do it
on cygwin, but I was hoping someone could at least point me down the right
path. Let me be more specific, I see two alternatives:

You don't have to, I did it already.. =)

So I guess in the final analysis there are two specific questions: Does
cygwin-based windows take care of backlinking, and if so with what
tool/method, and  is it's method compatable with libtool in a transparent
way on Unix vs. Cygwin/Windows?

Shortly no. Longer answer is yes it does.

I rember writing a few articles about this...

Basicaly thing goes so that you compile (but not link) needed files, generate needed .lib:s and then link whole thing.

Note that you can export symbols from .exe in same way.

Here is few pointers:



And bad news is: libtool can't handle this (at least not to my knowledge).

Because this is strictly windoze specific, this is also a offtopic of this mailinglist..


Jani Tiainen

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