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Re: reentrant functions

On Apr  6 23:43, Oleg Ostrozhansky wrote:
> I have a question about writing a multi-threaded program (using POSIX.1
> threads) in Cygwin.  "info libc" has a nice chapter about reentrancy,
> which talks about _<func>_r reentrant variants for functions that are
> not thread-safe.  But when as an example I try using _gets_r(), I'm
> getting a link error that this function does not exist:
> ~ $ gcc -g threadtest.c
> /cygdrive/c/.../cc3s8dTu.o(.text+0xb4): In function `main':
> threadtest.c:26: undefined reference to `__gets_r'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> ~ $
> I can't find it anywhere in the libraries.  The prototype is in stdio.h,
> so the compile step works.  What do I need to do to make it work?

Many reentrant functions from newlib are currently just not exported by
Cygwin.  Any volunteer to collect these non-exported newlib functions
so that we can add all of them?


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Red Hat, Inc.

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