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Re: writing csh scripts with cygwin

On Thu, 8 Apr 2004, Christopher Spears wrote:

> I've been writing some csh scripts with cygwin and
> encountering a lot of problems.  I will admit that I
> am just learning, but I copied the scripts directly
> from the book!  I checked out the FAQ, and I am
> wondering if the reason why the scripts are not
> working are that they are being interpreted by bash
> not tcsh.  Is this possible?

Yes, although it's probably ash.  How are you invoking the script?

> Here is an example.  My script is:
> #csh that gives system status

How about a


here instead?  Although #!tcsh may work, don't count on that being

> set d = `date`
> echo "Today's date: $d[2-3] $d[6]"
> echo "Current time: $d[4]"
> echo Number of users: `who | wc -l`
> echo Current disk storage: ` du -s .`
> Here is the response:
> Today's date: [2-3] [6]
> Current time: [4]
> Number of users: 0
> Current disk storage: 7 .
> Originally, the . was a ~ but that wasn't working
> because for some reason cygwin wasn't recognizing it.

Yup.  You were probably using ash (otherwise known as /bin/sh on Cygwin).

> Using the FAQ for advice, I replaced ~ with $HOME
> which caused problems because my home directory is
> /home/Christopher Spears,

You need to quote like this "$HOME" to avoid that problem.

> which confuses bash,

Huh?  I thought you wanted [t]csh.

> so I used ..  Obviously, [2-3], [6], and [4] are not the
> answers I was looking for in my script.
> What irks my is that I did download tcsh!  Was there
> something else I should have downloaded if I want to
> write csh scripts?


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