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Re: reentrant functions

Op Wed, 7 Apr 2004 21:46:43 +0200
schreef Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin from>
in <>
:  On Apr  6 23:43, Oleg Ostrozhansky wrote:
: > not thread-safe.  But when as an example I try using _gets_r(), I'm
: > getting a link error that this function does not exist:
:  Many reentrant functions from newlib are currently just not exported by
:  Cygwin.  Any volunteer to collect these non-exported newlib functions
:  so that we can add all of them?

$ grep -oR '_[^ ]\+_r *( *struct \+_reent' .|sed 's, *(.*,,'|sort|uniq

_remove_r and _stat64_r only occur in winsup/cygwin/
_fstat_r, _getpid_r and _stat_r are in winsup/cygwin/
and newlib/libc.
The others are only in newlib/libc.

Is this the info you wanted?


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