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Re: Gcc/ld and long command lines (> 32k)

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 08, 2004 at 11:11:58AM -0700, Peter A. Castro wrote:
> >The original post doesn't specify weither they are working inside
> >of or outside of a Cygwin environment, but from some of the
> >comments I kinda think it maybe outside of.  Something like:
> For some reason, I assumed they were running from make, where the
> '@' wouldn't be exercised.  But you are right, that isn't clear.

A short description of my enironment:

- the programs I'm building are C/C++ compilers

- I use GCC in Cygwin to get a "second opinion" from another compiler
  than the one we use normally (Visual C++).

- I use Cons as my build tool (a Perl program).
  I use ActiveState Perl (not Cygwin Perl).

So yes, I'm working "outside a Cygwin environment".

> [...] Larry's pointer to another one of my messages should also
> work around the problem by making cygwin use internal methods for
> passing arguments.

I followed that link, and have tried to understand what "mount -X"
does. The option is mentioned in the "Cygwin User's Guide", but I
couldn't find all details about what the effect is.

Does it mean that Cygwin-binaries under such a mount-point pass
argc/argv to other Cygwin-binaries under the same mount-point via the
"internal method" allowing longer command lines than 32k ?
(can I find a description of this method somewhere ?)

Should I re-mount the bin-directory where "gcc.exe" is located with
the -X option ?

Several replies mentioned the possibility of making several
intermediate libraries. I'm well aware of that possibility.
But since I'm not interested in the "library functionality" of libraries,
any such partitioning seems artificial. I always want a *full linking*
where all object files are needed.

I guess I'll resort to that, but only if no other way
(like "mount -X") works for me.

/Johan Holmberg

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