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Re: reentrant functions

[You left very little context. I added some.]

Op Thu, 8 Apr 2004 21:00:34 -0400
schreef Christopher Faylor <cgf-no-personal-reply-please op>
in <>:
Christopher Faylor:
> ::  We also do not want to export _r functions which are unique only to
> ::  newlib.  For instance, I suspect that _mallopt_r is probably not
> ::  something that we want to export since no other UNIX has it.
: > That's not what was asked...
:   Aren't you glad I clarified?

Yeah, sure. But this means I won't be able to help any further
with this, as I don't know which UNIXes export which functions,.

I hope the lists will help narrow down the search, anyway.


:  ...apparently not...

: -/

(I'll think thrice, before trying to help out here again.)

And I asked: Why not export '_mallopt_r' when 'mallopt' is?
(I don't think many UNIXes have 'mallopt', and it is newlib-

Maybe l8r,

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