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Re: broken built of cygwin compiled OpenGL/Mesa application

Theo Verelst wrote:

Maybe I'm facing a known problem, but I at a glance saw no posts or README's about this subject of OpenGL includes suddenly generating
errors after a relatively recent cygwin upgrade.

Well, if you looked for posts, you didn't look very thoroughly, because you would have found that it is a known problem:

and follow-ups.

Did the bindings or
the include file names change, or should I add some new switch #define ?

Below's the short error output.




/home/Theo/Pmspick2 [515] $ make gcc -c -DWIN32 -D__WIN32__ -D_WINDOW pick.c In file included from /usr/include/GL/glut.h:132, from pick.c:58: /usr/include/w32api/GL/glu.h:230: error: syntax error before '*' token make: *** [pick.o] Error 1 /home/Theo/Pmspick2 [516] $

As a work around, you could add to your compile line:

"-Dwchar_t=unsigned short"
don't forget the double quotes.


I just figured out with diff that there's probably just one line in error, which I commented out, and there some stuff removed.

It compiled again, but I still wonder how it all is with glu.h !


For the record, this is caused by a bug in glu.h, which is now part of the w32api package, not the OpenGL package. It seems that the bug was fixed in Mingw's CVS, but a new w32api package including that fix has not been released yet.

You could also try to downgrade the w32api package to the previous version using setup.

André Bleau, Cygwin's OpenGL package maintainer.

Please address all questions and problem reports about Cygwin's OpenGL package to cygwin at cygwin dot com .

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