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RE: Maildir and Cygwin

*** GARY VANSICKLE ( wrote in the...:

:) > I've been testing the maildir patch (for Pine) and changing ":" to 
:) > ";" works perfectly well, so I was wondering how compatible is this 
:) > with other tools designed for maildir. I am not advocating for the 
:) > use of ";", I am asking the questions as to "Can we agree to use 
:) > something different than ':'?" and "Can we use ';'?".
:) I guess it depends on who the "we" is, and how many "we"s there are. 
:) Maildir is, AFAICT, less of a spec and more of a web page somebody put 
:) up. I have no idea how many apps are using this format, though I guess 
:) the only thing we care about for the most part is which Cygwin ports 
:) use it.  What would be best though is to clean up the Maildir spec and 
:) push it upstream; probably a rather Herculean task.


  This is pretty much the point that I wanted to address at this time. I 
realize that I don't know all the players of the game either, but we could 
all agree on one way to play the game and those who want to join to game 
will have to follow the rules. I do not believe that changing ":" by other 
character (e.g. ";") is an essential change (correct me if I am wrong) and 
asking for everyone to agree on this seems like a minor point, given all 
the benefits that it carries out. We should not need to go "upstream", 
simply make common knowledge that Cygwin is different (e.g. we could do 
this in the cygwin applications mailing list).


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