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Re: Maildir and Cygwin

*** Olaf Föllinger ( wrote in the cygwin...:

:) On Wed, Apr 21, 2004 at 11:27:21AM -0700, Eduardo Chappa wrote:
:) > 
:) >   This is pretty much the point that I wanted to address at this 
:) > time. I realize that I don't know all the players of the game either, 
:) > but we could all agree on one way to play the game and those who want 
:) > to join to game will have to follow the rules. I do not believe that 
:) > changing ":" by other character (e.g. ";") is an essential change 
:) > (correct me if I am wrong) and asking for everyone to agree on this 
:) > seems like a minor point, given all the benefits that it carries out. 
:) > We should not need to go "upstream", simply make common knowledge 
:) > that Cygwin is different (e.g. we could do this in the cygwin 
:) > applications mailing list).
:) Why do you want to change so many programs when all you need is a 
:) cygwin managed mount?

I do not want to change programs. This is more or less like a "#ifdef 
CYGWIN" within a program, this does not change the program in any way, 
it's a one line of code added to the program to make it work in a specific 
platform. Most programs (designed for different platforms) are full of 
those lines. This is just another one liner addition to a program (ok, 
maybe 2, or 20 lines, but it should be an easy addition to every program 
supporting maildir). Many programs need to be modified just to make them 
work in Cygwin (e.g. Lynx, Pine for windows, etc.), why can't we do this 
with programs that support Maildir?

Managed Mounts is not the solution to the problem. The user does not need 
to know what these things are, they have nothing to do with Maildir. 
That's just a trick to get around a problem, not a solution (the solution 
to a leak in the roof is not moving the couch!)

That's the reason why I think that an easy modification specific to Cygwin 
is the solution.


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