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RE: [OT] Email address. Re: i want to re-download all packages... how?

> Sent: 23 April 2004 11:52  From: Dave Korn 
>   There's a broad concensus among the spamfighting community 
> that there
> isn't actually any email-address-snarfing software out there 
> that actually
> does bother to attempt to demunge addresses.  When non-munged 
> addresses are
> out there to be spidered off the web and hoovered up from 
> usenet by their
> tens of millions, why bother going to the effort of writing 
> extra code, when
> the spammers can already get more addresses than they know 
> what to do with
> anyway?
I'd concur, until everyone mungs their address (I can't at work) there's
little incentive for the spammers to bother. It's an interesting point to
consider - why would a spammer _want_ to decode a munged email as this
clearly shows that the addressee doesn't want spam and the only likely
response is going to be Spamcop et al? Of course that pre-supposes any
intelligence on the part of spammers which is even more debateable.
>   Seriously, it really seems to be the case that it just 
> doesn't happen to
> any significant extent.
Yet, but I hope I'm wrong.

>   Talk to n.a.n.a.e for more information.
There my be people of tender years on this list who shouldn't be exposed to
nanae, of course nanau is arguably worse. Hmm, I'm going to check for
a.f.cygwin when I get home (or a.f.$DEVNAME...)

Some people may think cgf is a bit tetchy sometimes (normally with good
reason) but they obviously haven't spent much time on usenet.
My favourite is sci.physics.relativity for truly staggering levels of wilful
ignorance and perversity.

Thanks Dave, you brought back some happy memories :-)



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