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Re: Line breaks in bash

Which OS?  Win9x console is pretty much braindead.  Cygwin's programs
(notably bash) have code for processing a SIGWINCH, which they should
receive whenever a window (console or otherwise) that they're running in
gets resized.  However, the code for sending this signal will only detect
a *window* resize -- I don't know whether the one via "" will also
be detected[*].  Try "kill"ing bash with SIGWINCH.  Also, bash doesn't use
the COLUMNS/ROWS variables, it looks at the same info that stty gets --
run "stty -a" and see if it picks up the window size.
[*] It is on Win2k, FWIW.

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004, Ashok Vadekar wrote:

> I get the behaviour even if I comment out all the complex PS1
> definitions in /etc/profile.  To see it, open a bash (windows console, I
> don't know about rxvt) and resize it to be larger than the 80x25
> ( con lines=50 cols=120). Then type away (at a prompt) and see
> that the text will wrap at ~80 characters. Now, export COLUMNS=120.
> Same problem.  Now, launch another bash from this console, and resize it
> to 120 wide.  Finally, it does the right thing.
> So, it seems that COLUMNS needs to match the width of the screen, AND
> something else that only happens (by default anyways) when a new bash is
> started.  Maybe someone else knows what that might be?
> On Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 05:37:18PM -0700, AJ Reins wrote:
> > --- Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> > > When I type a long line in the bash shell it seems to get confused
> > > when it passes the first 80 character barrier and does a newline.
> > > Below is an example.
> > >
> > > C09-272-A:# why is it in bash that when I get close to typing 80
> > > characters bash
> > >  does som
> > > ething like this?
> > >
> > > Now set my prompt to the hostname as
> > > "\[\e]0;\w\a\e[01;33mC09-272-A:\e[0m". Could this be causing the problem?
> >
> > Yes. You have a \[ to indicate non-printing characters without the
> > closing \].
> >
> > > --
> > > I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
> > Me too! (sorry about that! (acutally I'm not, but lets not quibble
> > over tribbles!))

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