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RE: Maildir and Cygwin

*** GARY VANSICKLE ( wrote in the...:

:) > On Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 08:26:00AM -0700, Eduardo Chappa wrote:
:) > 
:) > > :) > that Cygwin is different (e.g. we could do this in the cygwin 
:) > > :) > applications mailing list).
:) > > :)
:) > > :) Why do you want to change so many programs when all you need is 
:) > > :) a cygwin managed mount?
:) > 
:) > IMO, the correct solution for mutt to make everyone happy would be a 
:) > new configuration variable to specify the character (presumably 
:) > defaulting to non-: for cygwin).  I think I've seen both ; and - 
:) > suggested in different places.
:) No, all that would do is guarantee that a mutt using ";" couldn't read 
:) a Maildir written by a fetchmail using "-" (i.e. the disagreement would 
:) simply move from being hardcoded to being defined at compile time).  
:) The correct solution is to implement a corrected spec.

A correct spec will not solve the problem, because we already have the 
problem. I believe that the solution is to take action and not to wait for 
someone else to act upon this. What are the chances that we all agree on 
using "-" for cygwin? (I think "-" is a bad choice because a dash could be 
part of a domain name, but it's not a problem if that's what is decided 
upon). Who is the maintainer of fetchmail, so that we can get him/her into 
this thread?


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