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How download gcc + its source?


I installed Cygwin via,

by downloading first and then installing with everything set to default,

when I double click the Cygwin icon on Windows XP 
I get the Cygwin shell,

I cannot find gcc, I recursively searched the whole of the cygwin directory 
C:\cygwin and there is no file whose name has gcc as a substring,

I also did 

ls /bin
ls /usr/bin

and found lots of other things, but no gcc,

on the site itself, I found eg a directory listing of gcc-3.3.1 
and gcc-3.3.1-src,

but no download button for either! 

I dont want to see a directory listing but want to 
download the entirety of both, preferably as an archive!

The faq doesnt seem to mention how to download gcc,

I dont know how to use cvs either,

So how would I download + install eg the gcc-3.3.1 binary and its source?

I hope I dont have to use cvs, but if I have to what commands shall I 
type from the cygwin shell?

gcc-3.3.1 interests me as this specific version is available on another 
platform so I can synchronize the gcc version across platforms,


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