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Re: pthreads and sockets - Cannot register window class error

Arash Partow schrieb:
I can't replicate your problem, but I know where it is coming from,
basically standard windows winsock is not geared up to handle that man
socket connections. When a socket is made and then closed the socket
actually stays open for about 240-300 seconds depending on your
registry settings, this is so that winsock can make sure the
connection has been properly closed off.

Whilst this 240-300 seconds is passing by the socket is actually still
alive meaning the memory it occupies is still valid, its not until the
240 seconds has passed does winsock go and clean up the instance of
the socket.

what you are seeing is that basically as you run your program more and
more times, you are creating sockets in memory, every time the socket
is closed YOU think that the socket is cleaned up but its not, and so
you basically loose a bit of memory until the timeout for the socket
has occurred, i guess through debugging where you run and re-run your
test app you have run out of RAM so you see these errors.

this explains the whole thing:

$ regtool -i set "/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/Tcpip/Parameters/TcpTimedWaitDelay" 30

But we already found out that the culprit was Norton Firewall, closing your socket, wasn't it?
Reini Urban

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