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Re: Problem with home installation (fwd)

hmm blocked by the spam bot so here it is again.

On Sat, 22 May 2004, John Williams wrote:

> I have been using cygwin at work for almost
> a year now and haven't had a single problem
> with it.  Now, I want to work from home on
> occasion, so I am trying to duplicate my work
> environment at home.  Both machines have
> Win XP.
> The installation at home seemed to go just
> fine, but when I open a cygwin shell, I get
> a "bash-2.05b$" prompt and the only commands
> that work are "cd" and "pwd".  "ls" doesn't
> even work.
The first thing to do is give us the normal info,
so try
cd /bin
./cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out
if you get something like "bash: cygcheck not found, then try manualy
navigating to the bin subdirectory where you installed cygwin from a
windows command prompt and re-running the cygcheck command.
then type
explorer .
(to open explorer in the current directory so you can
get at cygcheck.out)
then mail it to the list.

> Has anyone seen something crazy like this?
> Any thoughts on what I could try to debug
> this problem?
> Thanx-John
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