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Re: Looking for new apache maintainer

Brian Dessent wrote:
> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Brian Dessent wrote:
>>> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>>> Is anyone interested in being the maintainer for the Apache package?
>>>> The current maintainer is MIA.
>>> I would like to volunteer for this.
>> Hi Brian,
>> Do you intend to maintain Apache 1 or Apache 2?
> I hadn't planned to package 2.x because its native win32 version would
> be significantly faster with a thread MPM than a Cygwin port.  But I
> suppose a Cygwin version would be useful if you wanted to test or
> develop things that are destined for a 2.x/Unix machine.  I also don't
> know what's involved with compiling 2.x for Cygwin.  Maybe after 1.x and
> the modules are out...

OK, my reason for asking was because I currently have apr and apr-util
packages pending, so if anyone was to package Apache 2, I'd need to
co-ordinate with them. I have actually got a working cygwin apache 2 to
compile, but it was quite messy, and I have no time to tidy it up at the


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