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Re: cron dying in Windows but not in Cygwin

* Dave Korn (2004-05-27 11:26 +0100)
>> * Robert Pollard (2004-05-26 18:33 +0100)
>>> I have a bit of a problem where when we launch cron from 
>> the command 
>>> line after a few days it dies in Windows but is still visible in 
>>> Cygwin.
>> Beg your pardon? Your sentence doesn't make sense to me.
>>> Currently, I run a script that launches /usr/sbin/cron.  This 
>>> script only launches cron if it isn't running.
>>> Does it have something to do with not launching from an rc file?
>> Excuse me? rc files are /configuration/ files...
>   Have you ever actually *read* one?  They're shell scripts.

You mean the runlevel scripts in rc.d? They're neither part of the
default Cygwin nor of cron installation so I didn't think of these.
/I/ meant "rc files" like bashrc, zshrc, etc.

This misunderstanding proves only two things:

1. People who are retentive with facts and descriptions (like RP)
provoke misunderstandings inevitably.

2. If RP had even a slight understanding of Cygwin, he would have
known that no "runlevel script" is required to start a "Cygwin
service/daemon" (because there are no Cygwin services or daemons; just
Windows services.)

But I'm not even sure that RP read the cron readme so 2. may be


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