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Re: redirection can create nul files - Was: rm hangs on illegal filename nul

On Thu, 27 May 2004, Volker Quetschke wrote:

> Just FYI and for the archives:
> > Any ideas how to remove the nul files? Really, I don't want to
> > format my disk because of this.
> You can fool NTFS into not doing reserve-word checking with:
> DEL \\.\c:\somedir\nul
> You propably have to use the correct quotes, or use cmd.exe,
> like I did.
> Volker

A couple more datapoints:

- You can also create "nul" by "touch nul".
- You can use forward slashes, so "rm //./c:/somedir/nul" works.
- For me (on Win2k SP3), "rm nul" doesn't hang, but doesn't do anything

$ uname -a
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