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Re: Error message from antiword since upgrade to cygwin 1.5.10

Hi Igor,

> The line '0x00 0x0000 # NULL' (with or without whitespace between '#' and
> 'NULL') appears in most of the mapping files (except roman.txt,
> MacRoman.txt, and UTF-8.txt), not just cp125[012].txt -- just "grep NULL
> *.txt".  It doesn't seem to make much difference, but the three files you
> listed above are in DOS (CRLF) format, roman.txt is in Mac (CR) format,
> and the rest are in Unix (LF) format.

> The error above can be reproduced by running "antiword -m <filename>",
> where <filename> is a mapping file.  FWIW, "antiword -m roman.txt"
> produces gobs of errors.  IIUC, the '#' should start a comment, so
> whitespace differences after '#' shouldn't matter.

The file roman.txt should only be needed for Mac systems where it hould
work.  Cygwin sees here no linebreaks at all.

> Incidentally, it used to be possible to specify the mapping file name
> without the .txt at the end (e.g., "antiword -m cp1251").  It now seems
> necessary to add the ".txt" to the filename.

At least with cygwin 1.5.9 it seems that this is not possible:
  I can't open your mapping file (koi8-u)

Seeing the relevant code it was never possible, however, I'm learning C
right now and I patched the options.c file to enable this, I hope it

Everything works ok with cygwin-1.5.9.  I'll try to recompile with
1.5.10 later, maybe that helps...


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