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Re: MapViewOfFileEx errors with cygwin-1.5.10-3 and gnome apps

>>>>> Igor Pechtchanski writes:

    > In my (outdated!) cvs checkout of winsup/cygwin, the error message you got
    > appears in (fixup_shms_after_fork) and (open_shared).
    > The first thing to find out is which one of them produced your message
    > (the output of strace should help).  The strace output should also contain
    > handle values, so you can try to trace it backwards from the error...

    > BTW, before you spend a lot of effort on debugging, here's a WAG: do you
    > use cygserver?  If so, did you reboot and/or restart cygserver after you
    > upgraded?  The above looks like a shared memory error, and shared memory
    > is part of cygserver functionality...  I know you said that you don't have
    > multiple Cygwin DLLs in your path, but if you renamed your old cygwin1.dll
    > before replacing it with the snapshot one, it may be possible that you
    > have multiple copies of cygwin1.dll *in memory*.  Same goes for other
    > services, FWIW.

First of all, yes I'm using cygserver.

I have uploaded an strace run of a gnome game (gnibbles) which shows the
symptom when pressing Help->Manual. The problem always occurs when a
gnome program starts another program like in this case gnome-help-browser.
There is also the corresponding cygserver debug output with comments
from me inline starting with ******

I do not find any fixup_shms_after_fork call in the strace, but there is
an open_shared call right in the beginning. I'm not sure it's the culprit
 (1.8 kb)
 (141 kb)

Maybe somebody can take a look.

    > 	Igor


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